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Distinct brain systems for processing concrete and abstract

(Grainger Jacobs, 1996; Stone Van Orden, 1993; Waters Seidenberg,= superior; s = sulcus. Acknowledgments This research was supported by

The Battle for Palestine 1917:

air-warfare, and diplomatic and political in the face of vastly superior numbers, is JOHN D. GRAINGER is the author of numerous

Scrotal signs and symptoms in the general population, the

Men who demonstrate a superior awareness of their scrotal abnormalities were Casey RG, Grainger R, Butler M, et al.: Scrotal signs and symptoms in

Mucosal immunity (SY2-3)

In OASIS-6, fondaparinux was shown to be superior to the comparator (UFHJ. GraingerS. FagarasanF. PowrieS. Buonocore《Vascular Health Risk

The relationship between financial impact and the likelihood

2011213-Superior and advantages Noninferior or equivalent including the cost per quality-adjusted life-J. BirtD. Grainger《Value in Health》

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Risk Factors and Significance of Gentamicin Resistant

Amikacin may be a superior alternative. Our new protocol aims to pre-Robert FlynnTed McDermottRonald GraingerJohn Thornhill《Current Urology》

(SR) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) Have a Superior

and applies the unit root test and Engel - Grainger two step test to (ALL) have a superior five-Year event-free survival (EFS) when treated

Superior labrum anterior to posterior lesions in overhead

Publication » Superior labrum anterior to posterior lesions in overhead athletes. Emma L Rowbotham, Andrew J Grainger Biceps load test: A clinical

Major vascular complications in Behets syndrome

artery aneurysms and the other spontaneous thrombosis of the superior vena C. T., Grainger, G. R . Henry, L.: Major vascular complications

Olanzapine vs risperidone in the management of schizophrenia:

quality of life, olanzapine-treated patients showedsuperior risk:benefit profile compared to Gureje O, Miles W, Keks N, Grainger D,

Morphological influences on the recognition of monosyllabic

(Grainger, 1990, 1992; Grainger Jacobs, 1996) and the facilitatory superior, albeit slightly, to a bootstrap-validated model including the 24

Benefit Cost Study of Increased Holstein-Friesian Jersey

Grainger1 Department of Primary Industries Victoria superior feed conversion efficiency of HFJ cows quality of saleable product • liveweight carried

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Grainger, Lynda (Wirral, GB) Gransden, Kathryn Elizabeth (Wirral, GB) superior (and ideally optimal) CB9 material for structuring water-immiscible

Implications of changing a Friesian dairy system to a

superior feed conversion efficiency of HFJ cows over HF cows would be a Bill MalcolmC Grainger《》

Method for producing axenic vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal

air, but the turbulence associated with these media was superior to that in liquid or agar. Grainger, HollyEP0209627A2 * Nov 11, 1985 Jan


20121120- GRAINGER, Philip (6 Duneside, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland TS19 OTX, GBsuperior treatment results as those achieved using powder reagents

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(CHO) cell populations to isolate clonal derivatives that exhibit superior, Rhian K GraingerAndrew J RacherRobert J YoungDavid C James《Biotechnology

Internal impingement syndromes of the shoulder.

undersurface partial-thickness cuff tears, superior labral pathology, and boneGrainger AJ.Internal impingement syndromes of the shoulder[J].Semin Musculo

The Daily Grunt:The resurgence of the deficit model of

the use of elite forms of language reflects superior intellect and educationGrainger, Karen

Deciphering CAPTCHAs: What a Turing Test Reveals about Human

orthographic processing in humans has superior robustness to shape variations. Hannagan, Thomas, Maria Ktori, Myriam Chanceaux, Jonathan Grainger (