B3water hose head supply

Washing device

B05B3/02; E03C1/04; E03C1/046; B05B3/ WO/2005/057086 June, 2005 HOT WATER SUPPLY head or a water tap, comprising the following

Firefighting water delivery system and method

hose with one end connected to the riser at a E03B3/04; E03B7/00; (IPC1-7): E03B7/water supply from a body of water to a pump

Apparatus for producing ultrahigh pressure water jet

nozzle cover, a high pressure hose rotatably B05B3/02; B05B9/04; B08B3/02; F04B1/ a feed water pipe adapted to supply water to


2012104-water dispersing means should also be operable at a low-pressure head. Anotherwater hose to supply water for flushing a downspout or gutt

Hose 2 Go - Makinex

The NEW Hose 2 Go – A constant pressure water supply unit ideal for the Hire and Rental Industry

Rubber composition for water hose, and water hose obtained

A rubber composition for a water hose includes the following components (A) and (B), wherein the component (B) has a melt flow rate (MFR) of 1

Illuminating fire hose

An illuminating fire hose includes a fire hose having a first end, a second end, an interior wall and an exterior wall remote from the interior wall

Water driven scrubber for hand held shower head

A46B13/06; A47K7/04; B05B3/04; B05B1/18; (IPC1-7): A46B13water inlet supply hose opening into said head on one side thereof through

Non-interchangeable connecting valves for fuel cartridges

supply to a fuel cell or other device is F16L37/28; H01M8/04; C01B3/06; H01M8/10hose tube 78 through compressed O-ring 80 into

EcoMet 300 – Grinder/Polisher Machine For Sample Preparation

Water Supply Hose 0.25in [6mm] OD tube WaterSpecifications AutoMet 300 Power Head Machine Power

Rotatable flange for a water monitor

International Classes: B05B3/16; A62C31/02; F further including a hose port coupled to the a rotatable water wheel and a rotatable output

Automatic basis sheet weight and moisture content measuring

A24B3/14; A24B9/00; G01G17/02; G01N5/04head for picking up the sample by suction when supplied with air pressure via hose 155 and

Improvement in compound hose-pipes

and with their fullest water-throwing capacity, hose-pipe, and provided with the ordinary nozzleEvery fire-department having new hose supplied

Float controlled valve assembly

F02B3/06 F16K31/20 F02M37/0023 F02M37/supply pump so that, in particular, in the hose connection 14, first of all, (as shown

Push button controlled multifunction shower head

directing water into a selected one of said a bias of said leaf spring being supplied by head to a coupler for a flexible hose leading

Water Hose | Service Station Shop Support Hose | Other

Gates water system hoses are constructed with high abrasion and chemical resistance, and are suitable to service a range of service, shop, and business

Removable nozzle for a sandblaster handpiece

hose; two vertical T-shaped three-way connectors two sprinkler heads each vertically connected to water supply by one way valve [9] located at

Coolant Water Hose (Tubing) - HYBRID TOYODROP HOSE - TOYOX

The TOYODROP Hose is made of soft vinyl chloride for resistance to handle pressure feeds.

High pressure water cleaning device for floors, gratings, and

communicates with the spindle inlet for delivering high pressure water thereto an air lubricator with an oil spray supply connected into said air hose



Wall-mounted lawn sprinkler system

2001420-International Classes: B05B3/00 Field of Search:water supply line associated with the building, head outwardly of said housing when wa

Source brass water hose connectors on

Supply Ability: 5000 Piece/Pieces per Day PaymentHead Code: Square ISO9001:2000: CE View All 2017Brass Threaded Garden Hose Water Tap Fittings Soli

Watering hose having vibrating lids for spray holes

Disclosed is a watering hose having vibrating lids which enables a distance, which water sprayed through spray holes formed through the watering hose reaches

Electrically heated hose

(25) in a hose end (12) are conductively nozzle orifices for the spraying of washing water F16L53/00B6D, B60S1/48D2, H05B3/58

Application of heat to control vegetation

liquid hose (7) to the applicator head (5). a reservoir of water, a supply of foaming AU661648B3 * US5575111 * 19959

Shaft seal with grease retainer

B05B3/00 B05B3/0486 B05B3/005nozzle and impinging on the plate; and a shaftattachment to a water inlet hose, pipe or the