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Event Systems With Linear-Time Temporal Logic Specications

Failure Diagnosis of Discrete Event Systems With Linear-Time Temporal Logic Specications Shengbing Jiangyand Ratnesh Kumarz

13 Algebraic Speci cation of Concurrent Systems

support to the speci- cation, design, and implementation of concurrent Egidio AstesianoManfred BroyGianna Reggio

in ET++ - A Case Study in the Algebraic Specification of

In this report we investigate the suitability of algebraic specication techniques for the modular speci cation of complex object oriented systems As an

The single-period (news-vendor) problem : literature review

distribution and is given by Q Ã=B/(PÀC modi®cation was suggested for positive ordering speci®c end items while others are common to

Monitor Circuits for LTL with Bounded and Unbounded Future (

We split the specication into a bounded and an unbounded part, ap- ply specialized constructions for each part, and then compose the results into a

Examples in which misspecication of a random 3 e ects

c 2003 Published by Elsevier B.V.25 Keywords: Binomial; Frailty model; Gamma distribution; Logit model; Nonparametric; Odds ratioAlan Agrestia;∗

Peer-Based Multithreaded Executable Co-Specication

We introduce a unified multithreading model for execution and motivate the need to expand the specification capabilities currently available in each domain fo

From KAOS Requirements to Event-B Specications:

From KAOS Requirements to Event-B Specications: Research ReportAziz, BenjaminArenas, Alvaro EBicarregui, JuanPonsard, Christophe


in Attachments to Gas-Burners, of which the following is a specication:not broken by the fall of the diaphragm A B into its horizontal position

A Specication-Driv en Interpreter for Testing Asynchronous

Formal methods and program language theory have provenMarcel KyasAndries StamMartin SteenArild B. Torjusen《Nwpt》

Match box or case.

B. VOM EIGEN. MATCH BOX 0H CASE. APPLICATION FILED FEB. 27. |911of reference marked thereon, which form a partof this specication

Dynamic Concept Spaces in Computational Creativity for Music

I align Favoleggiatori 2 with a formal specification for computational creativity which I have developed previously. The formal specification is used

Z in HOL - the story of ProofPower

Abstract Abstract An analysis of the ideas behind the engineering of a proof tool to support the Z specication language by semantic embedding,into HOL

Heterogeneous Formal specication of a Holonic MAS methodology

Abstract Abstract—The objective of this work is to formalize a Holonic methodology called ASPECS by using a formal specification approch based on two

Specication Sensitivities in Right-Tailed Unit Root Testing

Shi S.P,C.B.Phillips,J.Yu.Specification Sensitivities in Right-Tailed Unit RootTesting for Financial Bubbles.Working Papers,No.172011,Hong Kong Institute

A lentiviral vector visualizing the germ cell specication in

A lentiviral vector visualizing the germ cell specication in vitrounder the control of Figla promotor Premature Ovarian Failure(POF)is affecting more and

Hindbrain respecication in the retinoid-decient quail

Hindbrain respeci®cation in the retinoid-de®cient quailPosterior hindbrain speci(R)c genes, Hoxb-1, Fgf3, MafB, and the

Compiling dyadic rst-order specications into map algebra

c 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.D. Cantonea;∗A. FormisanobE.G. OmodeocC.G. Zarbaa

Integrating Object Oriented Design and Formal Veri cation

a) OO software engineering methods and tools and (b) deductive verication. enhanced with functionality for formal specication and deductive verication

Radio direction indicating systems

Y -V For providing a bearing indication *over 360 off b earing angle,patentspecications No.`2,562,329 or No. 2,568,250. `Thetwo outputs

and A Level Specication English Literature B pot

GCE AS and A Level Specification English Literature B pot

of Control Features in Ada and the Real-Time Speci.cation

B.Brosgol,A.Wellings.A comparison of the asynchronous transfer of control features in Ada and the real-time specification for Java(TM),.RELIABLE

Modeling of Reliability in Large Scale Publish/Subscribe

specication of reliability condition in large scale publish/subscribe systems is described.The specication uses sequential traces and is based on the syntax

Evaluation of the Current Methodologies, a Misspecication

Testing for Structural Change: Evaluation of the Current Methodologies, a Misspeciâ¦cation Testing Perspective and Applications

Model-based speci cations

Model-based speci cationsB. Q. MonahanR. C. Shaw

Formal and Semi{Formal Methods for Software Speci cation

G R A P H I T II Graphical Support and Integration of Formal and Semi{Formal Methods for Software Speci cation and Development 1 Partners